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About Us

Mantra-Fi infuses a portfolio-driven approach to investing; we are providing a collection of crypto coins named Mantra-Fi Baskets, where the collections are divided by their sector, growth, plans and returns.

  • Easiest Investment Platform In The World
  • You Just Have To Choose a Crypto Basket And We Will Help You Diversify Your Portfolio
  • Every Basket Which Is Available Here Are Made By Experts Of Crypto

Mantra-Fi Baskets are like liquid crypto with no concept of lock-in periods. They are a way of investing that offers more flexibility and choice, while still being liquid. The lack of lock-in periods means Mantra-Fi investors can get out at any time without losing their entire investment in case it does not work out as planned. Mantra-Fi is the perfect solution for those who want to diversify their investments in cryptocurrency without taking on too much risk. We provide low minimum investment amounts and well-rounded theme-based asset classes as affordable investment options that don’t break your bank account!

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How It Will Work

A Decentralized Automatic Investment Platform

  • 01How To Install The App

    You Can Find It On Play Store And App Store.
    Currently We Are In Beta Stage.

  • When you invest in Mantra-Fi Baskets, you become a part-owner in every coin that is in the portfolio of your chosen basket, and you are eligible for dividends and other rights assured to cryptoholder.

  • We Are New In The Market But Can Ensure That Our Company Rely On Trust And We Are Here To Solve One Of The Biggest Problems That Any Middle Class Face, Our CryptoCurrency Is Backed By Blockchain Technology, Our App Will Be AI Controlled So That People Can Come And Safely Enjoy Our Premium Services At Lowest Cost In The Market.


Why Us

Here Is The Percentage Of The Problems That We Will Solve

Easy Investment100%
Easy To Use90%
24/7 Customer Support100%
Best Crypto Baskets In The Market99%


Which Services We Are Providing To You

Crypto investing, simplified

Crypto investments can be confusing, and are full of unknowns. Mantra-Fi simplifies this by offering products crafted by successful traders and experts to help you start.

Manage your risk

Maximize gains as per your risk appetite. Mantra-Fi offers a wide range of investment options with varying risk/reward profiles.

No Hidden Fees

You will only be charged when selling crypto or buying crypto collections.

Start investing in seconds

Invest using your credit or debit card, or transfer funds from your bank account. It’s as simple as paying online.

Fastest Services To Solve Customer Related Problems

We Can Proudly Say Your Query Will Be Solved In 3 Business Hours


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The Future

Blockchain Technology

The Fastest Technology

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Biggest Revolution Of The Internet

Virtual Card

Virtual Card Of Mantra-Fi


The Core Pillar's Of This Revolutionary Startup


Chief Executive Officer

He Is Most Probably Youngest CEO Of This World And Currently Running More Than 56 Startups within 9 Months of His Joining as well as also an Author.

Kumar Anup Anurag

Chief Operating Officer

He Has An Experience Of 10 Years In The Field Of Operations And Currently Holding The Top Position Of More Than 30 Startups.He is excellent in HR Management too.

Rajnikant Singh

Chief Technology Officer

He Is Expert In Solving Tech Related Problems And Have An Experience Of 15 Years In The Field Of Technology.He is Chief Functionary of an NGO having Accreditation with the United Nations.


Chief Marketing Officer

She Is Hattrick Awardee By United Nations Foundation,USA And Have An Experience Of 5 Years In Marketing of Global issues Which Is More Tuff Than Promoting a Product.

Frequently Asked Questions

These Are Some Questions Or Queries

  • When Will The App Launch?

    We Are Currenty In Prototype/Testing Stage But Soon We Will Update About The Grand App Launch

  • Mantra Coin Is A New Age DeFi Token Which Is Going To Mars And Have An Aim To Make Investors Sound And Maximum Percentage Of Earnings Will Be Expended Upon Social Cause. It Is Going To Become The National Currency Of Jass Meta - A Metaverse Project And Mantra Coin Will Be The Main Currency On Mantra-Fi - A Crypto Basket Investment Platform, Jass Business Which Is Our E-Commerce Partner In That Platform We Will Be The Main Currency For Crypto Based Transaction.

  • Ya, The Founders Have Experience In Financial Sector It Is Because The Parent Company Of Mantra-Fi Which Is Suryansh Contech Pvt Ltd Was The Sub-Broker At Karvy For Almost 7 Years.

  • Mantra-Fi Is Directly Connected With Mantra Coin And Because It Is A Cryptocurrency We Have A Community Of 5000 Peoples.

  • Ya, It Is Absolutely Right You Just Have To Choose The Basket Where You Wanna Invest And That Basket's Coins Will Be Sent To Your Broker's Account.